Hi! 👋 I'm Aiden.

Currently in Detection Engineering @ sublime.security. Pride flag icons are by Jollycons, licensed under CC BY 4.0
Session: 0553f3a2c547609bfa11beadf890658a4a2fe161525fa19b21e11a11b661009e5c
About Me

PS A:\> Get-Content interests

["technology", "reading", "vancouver skytrain", "volunteering"]

$ locale -a


dig +noall +answer burnaby.bc

burnaby.bc. 300 IN A

$ sherlock amitchell516

[+] Instagram: @amitchell516
[+] Threads: @amitchell516

# cat gender_identity.txt

Trans, genderflux (they/he)

C:\> type sexuality.txt

% gh auth status

✓ Logged in to github.com as aidenmitchell

# fortune

"Do you ever feel like, you're only doing things because everyone else is?"
Some of the companies I've been lucky to work for.